My Story

So, what got me started in Scentsy?  Well I tell you this, it was not a quick nor a rash decision!  I have been in sales before, both real estate and more recently in Tupperware.  I have to say, sales is my passion, although I was a tad weary joining another direct marketing company.   I have been personally buying Scentsy on a regular basis, I have got many of my friends into buying it as well when they come to my home and ask me why my house always smells so amazing.  I started finding myself really selling the products to them, even to strangers online when questions arose!!!  My husband was even asking me why I almost seemed obsessed with the house smelling so nice, it made me think, why am I? My answer was easy, I like to walk past a room and get a whiff of something yummy at each doorway, I like people saying how good my home smells, it makes it feels more homely and I feel more house proud because of it.  So, I started thinking, why not? So I took the plunge and became a Scentsy consultant!   One of the deciding factors for me to join was the ease in which the product sells, and not just a once off sort of sale, but continuing sales.  I get to build strong relationships with customers because they keep coming back for more, whether it be a new warmer, a diffuser, laundry products or even just more scent blocks to keep the home smelling great!  Another reason for me to join was the way in which I am able to sell.  I don't have to be rushing out the door on a cold winters night to do a party, I, along with my hosts, can stay indoors and party in our pj's if we want, all in front of the computer screen.  Online parties are becoming more and more popular these days, so why wouldn't we get on board with the latest trend as well.  Now you might be thinking, isn't this business based around smells?? YES! So we have come up with pouch parties to accompany our online parties!!! These are sent out to our hosts in advance for them to smell along with their close friends so they all get an idea of what they are after before the online party commences.  And of coarse, a lot of what we sell is based off recommendation. Those who already have and use Scentsy sell the products and their favourite scents to their friends just by word of mouth.   Am I happy I joined this company?  ABSOLUTELY!!!! This is such a fabulous product and I honestly just don't have a bad word to say about it!!